How it works

First, you need to login to Home Run, submit your postcode and select your favourite supermarket.
Before shopping, choose your delivery time. This can be either next hour, or any other time within the next 5 days.
Browse through thousands of groceries and fresh produce and simply add the groceries you want to your basket.
Once you have selected everything you want, you can proceed to checkout! As a final step you can choose whether you want your shopper to text you regarding potential replacements or not. If you don’t want to communicate, choose ‘replace’ (your shopper will replace items with similar ones based on your preferences) or ‘cancel’ (your shopper will cancel any out-of-stock items).
You will instantly receive a confirmation email and we’ll start preparing your order.

Please be aware that if you order alcoholic beverages or products, we will ask you for an ID to confirm your legal age.

When you checkout, you can select one of three options as your default preference if something is out of stock: “replace”, “cancel” or “text”.

If you select “replace”, this means you’re essentially trusting your personal shopper to use their common sense and experience to pick the next best thing for you

If you select “cancel”, your personal shopper will not attempt to replace an item that is out of stock but will simply cancel the item.

If you select “text”, you’ll receive a text message from your personal shopper with a weblink that will take you to page where you can review the replacements your personal shopper has made. Here you can either accept these replacement items or reject them. You’ll have 5 mins to accept or reject these items once you’ve received the text message so try to keep your phone with you. If your personal shopper doesn’t hear from you in that 5 minutes, he/she will simply either go ahead with those replacements or cancel the items, depending on what you have pre-selected as your preference in this instance.

Check out this video for more information 👇

Our Delivery Fee

We will charge you a dynamic delivery fee - this just means that it will vary depending on distance and order volume per time slot. If, for example, you pick a delivery slot that we are not as busy in and your house is close to the other customers in that slot, we will charge you less for delivery.

Our delivery fee will now range from £2.99 - £9.99 depending on the above.


Our Shopping Fee

This one is simple. Shopping, organising, packing and delivering lots of small orders takes up a lot of time for our personal shoppers and our drivers, because we are doing all of this for multiple customers simultaneously.

We have always maintained that we don’t want to introduce a minimum order amount - we believe everyone should be able to get their groceries delivered no matter how much you’ve ordered. We have, however, had to introduce a small shopping fee of £3.99 for orders under £35. If your order is £35 or over, no shopping fee will apply.


Home Run has its own prices and therefore the product prices will be different than in store. The price difference is usually between 10% and 20%.

If you have any further questions regarding pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Authorisation charges

During checkout your card will be authorised for a slightly higher amount to cover for potential replacements of higher value, added items, or special requests. This is only temporary and will balance to exactly the correct amount once your order is completed.

Once you’ve placed an order you can view its progress by clicking on Account > Orders. It will show when your order has been accepted, when it’s being shopped and when it’s on the road for delivery. If you have any other questions about your order, or you want to add or remove an item simply contact us on chat or at hello@ .

Any questions or problems?

Check out the FAQ.

Whenever you have questions or problems don’t hesitate to contact us.
You can email us at hello@ .

Home Run is a startup created by Warwick graduates Takis Malavetas, Gregor Tschurtschenthaler and Christian Lerke. Our aim is to make your life easier by giving you the most convenient solution to shop high quality food and daily necessities.
Home Run is different from any other online grocer: we will deliver your order in as little as 1h and on the same day! So skip the nasty planning, and get your groceries when you need them!
Also, we don’t have any minimum order requirements, because we want you to shop exactly what you want, in the exact quantity you want.
Home Run is our vision of how grocery shopping should be in the 21st century. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Home Run is not affiliated with or authorised by Waitrose Limited, the John Lewis Partnership, Whole Foods Market, Marks & Spencer or Tesco
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